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    Books / Literature

    More to Do While I'm Two

    Two year olds learn best through fun interaction and play. They also need a lot of love. This packet provides busy parents with ideas on how to provide both for the development of all skill areas. The activities cover language, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. A busy two year old brain can

    Computer Software - Educational

    ItzaBitza (for Mac)

    Draw a house and watch Sketchy shrink to fit in the door; draw flames and watch the rocket ship blast off; draw a triangle for the wheel of the farmer’s tractor just for a laugh. In the award winning game ItzaBitza™, drawings truly come to life.

    Educational DVD

    The Eyes Have It With artsee smartsee

    by an Emmy winning designer, artsee smartsee contains a 30-minute movie of animated high contrast objects and shapes choreographed and finely timed to a mix of 24 popular classical recordings.

    Educational Products

    Sightwords Bundle Pack

    Online Learning Services

    Elephango Online Learning

    Elephango has established a new standard in online education resources that are vital to cognitive development in a child. A child begins a never ending journey as they are captured by their first learning content which in turn stimulates their desire to follow a seemingly never ending wealth of source of new topics of content to read.