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    Board Games

    LiEBRARY - The Game Where the First Line Speaks Volumes

    The object of the game is to convince other players that your first line is the correct one. Players earn points by either writing a first line good enough to fool others into voting for it or by guessing the correct first line after all the entries are read.

    Computer Software - Educational

    ItzaBitza (for Mac)

    Draw a house and watch Sketchy shrink to fit in the door; draw flames and watch the rocket ship blast off; draw a triangle for the wheel of the farmer’s tractor just for a laugh. In the award winning game ItzaBitza™, drawings truly come to life.

    Educational Games

    The Merbs - The Spoils of Civilization

    The Spoils of Civilization is a motivational tool used to increase the interest in school work. The game uses a storyline of characters called MERBS which is an acronym for Mathematically Educated Randomized BuyerS.

    Games - Reading


    Do you like Scrabble®, but get frustrated waiting for your turn? Do you like crosswords, but want the involvement of others? Do you like the challenge of forming/finding/creating words? This game has it all. Any number of players can participate.