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Terms of Use / Seal of Approval
  • The Toy Man Seal of Approval     "This page has been designed to serve as an informative source of details about "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval". To assist our readers in bgaining insight from its use, this page has been broken up into sections dedicated to a specific readership. The aections are Product Developers | Retailers, Buyers and Resellers | Consumers.

    Product Developers
    The Added Value Gained From The Toy Man® Seal of Approval

    "If you are product developer in today's economy, you are already aware that things are changing. Consumers are becoming more aware about awards on products and performing due diligence to learn more about their value.  As a product developer, branding recognition and value are of the highest priority to ensure a return on your investment."The Toy Man® Seal of Approval" serves as a globally recognized emblem and standard of trust. It represents an affirmation of quality and functionality in a product or service that has earned the right to bare "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval"; a guaranteed tool to potentially help you realize your goals.

    Retailers, Buyers and Resellers
    The Added Edge You Are Looking For

    "If you are a retailer, corporate buyer or reseller, you know the challenge you have to face in making informed decisions in your buying habits to ensure a maximum ROI. Unlike the usual awards that are so common today,"The Toy Man Seal of Approval”and associated awards give you that added edge you are looking for.

    100% transparency in product submission and evaluation from start to finish is just the start. Combine that with the most lengthy and in-depth evaluations in the industry and you have the assurance of a higher percentage of probability in sales.

    Awards programs have their own unique value yet are increasingly common.“The Toy Man Seal of Approval"and associated awards represent the high bar in accuracy and respected International standards of recognition. Products with this Seal do more than simply exist...they exist with strong purpose and contribution to the betterment of others. They have the recognition foradded-valueyou are looking for in a product.

    Making Informed Buying Decisions

    Consumers are at the mercy of the media product pitch frenzy and find it challenging many times to make wise decisions in buying products. This is where for consumers across the globe, not just the US,"The Toy Man Seal of Approval"is serving to help them be more confident in their buying decisions.

    No matter where you are in the globe, "The Toy Man Seal of Approval" is rapidly gaining recognition by buyers as a trustworthy emblem of quality assurance in a product, much as the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

    When a consumer reads one of our lenghty and in-depth evaluation report summaries, ERS, they gain perspective on a product from our in-house staff; independent credentialed professionals with their specialty associated with the type of product in the ERS, and best of all, the perception of a product from the consumers perspective.

    Combine "The Toy Man Seal of Approval" with the ERS for each featured product and you have an exclusive source of information on products that is exclusive to The Toy Man® News & Reviews. This results in confident and informed buying habits for consumers like never before imagined.

    There is one inarguable fact that speaks for itself. "The Toy Man Seal of Approval" was first established in 1971, long before any of the most highly recognized awards programs in the industry. Many of those awards programs elected to adopt use of the term"Seal of Approval"as an award in their awards program.

    "The Toy Man Seal of Approval" can be seen as having established a standard that inspired others to follow with their own unique approach to product recognition.